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Stucco is a thick coating that is made of sand, water, and cement. It is a finish that later can be painted any colour you want. Many use it as an exterior finish on a building because of its many advantages.  This blog goes over the benefits of stucco exterior finish systems.
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How Do You Maintain a Stucco House?
January 29th, 2021 in Residential Stucco
There are a lot of reasons why stucco is popular among many homeowners. The top three reasons why many people use stucco is that it looks good, easy to maintain, and the material is durable. If stucco is applied and maintained properly, it can last for over 50 years.
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How Long Does Stucco Last In Vancouver British Columbia?
by Bill Caros November 28th, 2020 in Residential Stucco
Moisture content is a major concern in Vancouver and especially in winter. Some exterior sidings are porous and allow water to penetrate, compromising the building envelope.
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