Can Stucco Be Resurfaced?

by Bill Caros January 30th, 2020 in Stucco Repairs
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A perennial question regarding stucco is whether it can be resurfaced. And the short answer is, yes, it can.

Resurfacing stucco will result in an excellent final appearance, and can easily address various points of damage concurrently.

Stucco resurfacing is very good idea because it ultimately adds crack resistance all over the wall surface. The resurfacing of stucco gives a longer-lasting solution to repairs.

Resurfacing of stucco is a recommended action for any homeowner who decides to improve the value and the look of their home and existing stucco finish. Sometimes, temperature extremes can cause stucco to develop cracks over time. Resurfacing will solve that problem as opposed to just repairing one crack at a time.

Resurfacing stucco will save money, time, and effort for most people. This is because recoating the surface of the structure with a new layer of stucco makes the building look awesome and is a one-time repair instead of lots of smaller repairs continually. If your house needs a few small repairs stucco resurfacing is the best solution. This increases the resistance to holes, blisters, and new cracks.

Stucco resurfacing is also an excellent solution if there is a concern about variation in texture across the existing stucco finish. By resurfacing your house, it ensures that everything looks consistent. 

Resurfacing of stucco is also fire-resistant. This can help you to save money on home insurance policy. In a very unique way stucco resurfacing adds value to your home, and makes it more attractive at the same time.

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