Can Vines Damage Stucco?

Can Vines Damage Stucco?

Sometimes in photos we see beautiful vine-covered buildings that look picturesque and romantic. But allowing vines to grow on your buildings can cause considerable damage to any kind of exterior wall covering including stucco.

What makes vines so damaging? We’re going to discuss that in today’s blog article.


Vines growing on a building retain moisture. When it rains or snows, that water stays longer on the vine, and the vine presses the wetness against the building. This continued wetness against any wall covering including stucco will cause it to break down over time.


The moisture described above will also create mold. And the further the vines climb, the more mold they will bring to different areas. Mold is not as easy to wash off with power washing as simple dirt.


Vines will make your stucco dirty, too. The plants, themselves, can cause discoloration of the stucco which may require repainting.


One of the biggest problems with allowing vines to grow on a building unheeded, is that they will serve as a vector for critters and insects to get into your gutters, on your roof, and even inside your building.

Building Envelope

Unchecked, vines will eventually breach the building envelope, not just damaging the stucco, but also climbing into or around your windows and doors and into your vents and attic, damaging gutters and soffits in the process.

It’s a very bad idea to let vines climb on your stucco building or any building. In fact, plantings should be at least three feet away from exterior walls to protect the structure’s integrity.

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