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Choice Stucco specializes in supplying and installing stucco and stucco related products for your condos - and by that we mean multi-family structures.

In our opinion, Stucco is an excellent solution for an exterior finish for condos and other multi-family buildings. We are very experienced working with both architects and designers to achieve the exact look that is desired for an exterior stucco finish through custom colors and textures.

It is from this vast experience of over 30 years that these blogs are born. Feel free to peruse at your pleasure, and you are always welcome to contact us if you cannot find your answers here - we are always glad to hear from you.

Exterior Wall Stucco Trends in 2024
Stucco trends today are more saturated colours and a variety of textures, even mixing different textures. And stucco is growing in use. Read more here.
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Pros and Cons of 3-Coat vs 1-Coat Stucco Systems
3-coat stucco is thicker and less likely to crack but it is more expensive up front than 1-coat. Each method has its own advantages. Read more here.
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Advantages of an Acrylic Stucco Finish
Acrylic is a fantastic addition to stucco because it makes the stucco stronger, more water resistant, and less likely to crack. Read more here.
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