Residential Stucco

Residential Stucco

Choice Stucco specializes in supplying and installing stucco and stucco related products for your home or residential building, including acrylic stucco, rock dash stucco, exterior insulation finish, and rain screen systems

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Hanging Christmas lights on stucco
How to Hang Christmas Lights on Stucco
by Bill Caros November 24th, 2021 in Residential Stucco, Commercial Stucco
How you should hang Christmas lights on your stucco depends on how your stucco was applied, and also whether or not it’s painted. Hanging Christmas lights on stucco is not the easiest job, but we’re going to give you some tips on how to make it happen. Here are your options.
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How Does Stucco Help Keep Your House Cool
Stucco helps to keep your house cool in the summer for the same reasons it helps to keep your house warm in the winter: stucco insulates. One coating of stucco by itself is not a great insulator, even though it is better than many other exterior finishes like brick.
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A chimney cap serves several purposes which we will outline for you here, and all of them are important. In basic terms, the chimney cap keeps some things out of your chimney and some things in your chimney. The benefit of having a custom chimney cap is that all of the chimney cap’s roles are performed better with a custom chimney cap because the cap will fit perfectly. If your chimney cap does not fit exactly, then the cap will not be performing its job the way it is supposed to.
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