Common Stucco Repairs in Vancouver

by Bill Caros September 26th, 2015 in Stucco Repairs

Stucco siding is a beautiful addition to any home or business. While it's meant to hold up for years to come, once in a while you may encounter problems with cracks or holes in the stucco. These will need to be repaired right away. If left unrepaired, stucco damage can cause leaks and lead to further deterioration in the siding. 

Because stucco is a textured surface and one that is quite unique, it always poses a challenge to anyone looking for a DIY solution. But stucco repair, done right, by qualified professionals can make your stucco siding as good as new. 

The most common stucco repair of all is moisture. Because exterior siding is so exposed to all elements of weather, occasionally you will run into problems where stucco may crack, cause holes, or even need to be resurfaced. Cracking is due to structures settling, and if it is not repaired quickly it can often lead to blistering. 

Holes in stucco can occur, as well. Though not as common as cracking, holes can occur because of something hitting the stucco and causing damage that way. Because they leave the entire area exposed, you want to get these repaired right away. 

Sometimes, resurfacing may be the best answer to your stucco problems, particularly if the stucco has seen its share of years or if the stucco is deteriorating in several places along a surface. In this instance, an entirely new surface is put in place of the old. This approach can solve any problems you are having with blistering, holes or cracking, and is a long-term solution. 

Don't try these repairs yourself. You want to call in a stucco expert, someone with years of experience and answers to all of your stucco concerns. They are best able to offer you the right solution for your every stucco problem. 

Stucco keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter, is easy to clean and maintain, and looks great. To keep it looking its best, you only want the experts to fix it for you. 

Bill Caros has over 30 years experience in the stucco industry. As the owner of Choice Stucco Ltd, Bill provides quality stucco application and stucco repair to all of Vancouver Lower Mainland.


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