Exterior Wall Stucco Trends in 2024

Exterior Wall Stucco Trends in 2024

The future is bright for stucco. Building forecasts for 2024 and the foreseeable future show increasing use of stucco for exterior wall finishings. In today’s blog article, we wanted to talk about what the exterior stucco wall trends are this year.


Stucco colour trends are similar to the colour trends for paint. Neutrals are always popular, but the neutrals this year have more depth and are darker than the last few years.

Gray is less popular and brown is coming back. Popular colours are the earthy light browns and sand and clay colours.

Blue is also very big this year. You will see all different blues except for the lightest ones. We are seeing medium to dark blues with more saturated colour.


Stucco can be finished in a wide array of textures, and we are seeing lots of them this year. Finishes that look rough and natural like stone are in style. We are also seeing mixed textures, and highly textured accents. This is something you would need to discuss with your stucco professional.

One of the biggest advantages of stucco is its versatility with both texture and colour. You can achieve a finish that will marry with any design style.

It is not surprising the use of stucco continues to grow in popularity. Stucco has insulative properties, is easy to repair, and is fire resistant. Stucco has a very long life, significantly longer than vinyl or wood, it is low maintenance, and even has sound insulative properties. It is an excellent choice for a stellar exterior finish on buildings.

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