Happy Home, Quiet Home: The Sound-Proofing Qualities of Stucco Systems

Happy Home, Quiet Home: The Sound-Proofing Qualities of Stucco Systems

Stucco has a lot of things going for it. It lasts a long time, it is easily repaired, it is fire resistant, and what many people are not aware of is that it also offers superior sound proofing. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about why and how stucco systems offer a sound-proofing advantage.

How Sound Is Blocked

First, let us talk about sound. Sound is an energy that travels from one place to another through different mediums. There are three ways to block or cut down on sound. One is with a physical barrier. For example, less sound travels through wood or glass than through air. The second is by cutting down on vibration. Vibration of something like metal can amplify sound.

The third method is to absorb sound. So, for example, less sound will travel into or out of a room that has batting and fabric covering the walls than a room without the fabric and batting because the soft fabric absorbs the sound.

How Stucco Blocks Sound

Stucco is not applied by itself onto a surface. Stucco is applied as part of system in several layers. There are different types of stucco systems, but in very simple terms, there is typically some kind of paper or board, possibly an adhesive, then cement, then a metal mesh, then several coats of stucco. There is at least one layer of internal air space where moisture can drain away through vents.

Stucco blocks sound using two out of the three methods. Sound is blocked first by the hard surface, and second by blocking vibrations. Because a stucco system is layered, each layer acts like a decoupler, minimizing the transmission of vibration. In this manner, stucco will block sound better than any other typical siding.

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