How Can I Tell if Stucco has Water Damage?

by Bill Caros November 30th, 2019 in Stucco Repairs
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If you know what to look for, there are lots of signs that stucco has water damage. Color, texture, and integrity of stucco can all give indications as to whether there’s water damage.

1. Color

Look at the color. Is the stucco color uniform? It should be. Do you see streaks or darkened areas? Look especially at the edges of walls, around windows, at the base of walls, and under the eaves.

Changes in color or uneven color or streaking are all signs of potential water damage. Do you see rust stains? That’s a telltale sign of water damage.

2. Texture

Is the texture uniform? Are there places where the stucco is missing? Once there are missing patches, water damage becomes more and more likely. Missing patches can be due to age or can also be due to water damage.

3. Smell

Do you notice anything that smells bad? This may not be obvious outside, but it may be obvious inside. A moldy or musty smell, especially when you stand inside near windows can indicate water damage outside to the stucco.

4. Obvious things

Then there are some very obvious things to look for. Do you see plants growing on or into or out of the stucco. Water damage is likely. Do you see any obvious mold or moss growing in or on the stucco? Water damage is likely.

You never want to let vines grow on your exterior walls. Over time they will destroy the integrity of the stucco and give you water damage and structural damage.

Stucco is our business. If you suspect your stucco has water damage, contact us and let us fix it for you.

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