How Long Does Stucco Last In Vancouver British Columbia?

by Bill Caros November 28th, 2020 in Residential Stucco
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Moisture content is a major concern in Vancouver and especially in winter. Some exterior sidings are porous and allow water to penetrate, compromising the building envelope. A professional contractor should know how to wrap the house with a protective layer which keeps the moisture from penetrating.

Stucco is one of the very long-lasting, classy, and exterior finishes which keeps your home beautiful. There are different steps home owners can take to maintain and preserve stucco in Vancouver.

Stucco can allow dirt to accumulate depending on the texture, and to keep your stucco looking good all year you need to clean it once a year with power washing. If you are in Vancouver you need to remove any algae, mildew, and mould on the stucco if you find any.

You should frequently inspect stucco surfaces for cracks which can occur with movement like earthquakes or the house settling. Stucco can serve as long term investment. Getting the utmost service out of stucco means maintaining its structural capacity and appearance. This will prolong the life of your stucco.

One of the best ways to ensure that stucco withstands rainy and winter seasons in Vancouver is by hiring the right expert to start with. With proper maintenance and application, stucco can last for over fifty years in Vancouver. This is because stucco contracts and expands as the temperature changes, which lessens the risk of crumbling and cracking.

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