Reasons to Hire a Stucco Contractor for Stucco Repair Jobs

by Bill Caros June 1st, 2014 in Stucco Repairs

When it comes time to repair the stucco on your home or commercial building, consider carefully before taking on the job solo. The stucco style is very popular for many reasons, one of them being that it’s relatively easy to repair. But that doesn’t mean just anyone should tackle a stucco repair job. It is important to hire a professional stucco contractor to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Why and How?

Regular wear from exposure to the elements and the passing of time can cause stucco to degrade and crack. The surface may need to be re-coated, patched, or re-surfaced entirely. Leaving cracked or damaged stucco can allow water to seep towards the walls, causing damage.

Hiring a Pro

The benefits of hiring a contractor are many. Professionals who are trained and have experience mixing and applying stucco will simply be better at doing it right. The contractor will mix the stucco to match the existing stucco on the home or building, so that the patched and repaired area doesn’t stand out or look awkward.

Stucco contractors are not specifically licensed in the application of this material, but they will have worked in an apprenticeship to gain professional skills in mixing and application. Great contractors have years of real world experience in the process, and therefore can be relied upon to do quality work.

Hiring a stucco contractor is a great way to ensure that the stucco is mixed to its correct consistency, and will therefore be more weather resistant and will last longer. The stucco will be applied with skill, ensuring that the materials stay put and dry correctly.

It can be tempting to attempt a stucco repair job on your own, but hiring a stucco contractor is the best way to ensure that the job is done correctly and professionally.

Bill Caros has over 30 years experience in the stucco industry. As the owner of Choice Stucco Ltd, Bill provides quality stucco application and stucco repair to all of Vancouver Lower Mainland.


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