Top 3 Reasons to Use Stucco for Commercial Exterior in Vancouver

by Bill Caros May 1st, 2014 in Commercial Stucco

When you put a new exterior on your commercial space, there are a few things you're probably thinking about. How much will this cost? What will long term maintenance cost? Will the look really compliment the business? Stucco is a very popular material for commercial exteriors in Vancouver. If you're unfamiliar with stucco, here are the top three reasons that most people use it - as an introduction to this convenience and inexpensive material.

Priced Just Right

While stucco isn't cheap, it's also not as expensive as other commercial exterior options in Vancouver. You can expect to pay roughly $6-$9 per square foot, but that will also depend on the quality or type of the stucco you select. As a comparison, brick or stone exteriors cost between $12 and $15 per square foot.

Easy to Maintain and Repair

Stucco is also really easy to maintain and repair, should damage occur. The material lends itself to quick and simple repair jobs, which end up being less expensive than repairs to other types of commercial exterior materials. Unlike wooden exteriors, which must be sealed regularly to ensure it isn't damaged and fibre cement must be caulked every year around windows and doors.

Looks Great

It wouldn't matter if the material was priced well if it ended up looking terrible or cheap. Fortunately, stucco can be elegant and is generally very nice to look at. There are many options to choose from when it comes to texture as well as color, which means you can choose something that will make your commercial exterior stand out. Or you can choose something understated and subtle.

The versatility of the look of stucco makes a big difference for anyone looking for a reasonably priced but good-looking and customizable option for commercial exteriors.

Bill Caros has over 30 years experience in the stucco industry. As the owner of Choice Stucco Ltd, Bill provides quality stucco application and stucco repair to all of Vancouver Lower Mainland.


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