What Are Stucco Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)?

by Bill Caros April 26th, 2018 in Residential Stucco
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After World War 2, many contractors in Europe needed to find a better way to repair buildings that had been damaged. Instead of turning to more stone or brick, they discovered a new system, called an Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS). This is a multi-layered exterior finish that allowed them to cover over existing structures that was better for repairs.

EIFS, also called synthetic stucco, didn’t become a popular choice in North America until the 1980’s, where it started being used first on commercial buildings and then on wood-framed houses. It was a popular choice for people who didn’t want the traditional brick or stone exterior, but also wanted something that looked nice than vinyl siding.

One large advantage of using EIFS is that you are creating a covering over the exterior of the house, made up of insulation board, water-resistant barriers, and the synthetic stucco making up the outside layer, along with adhesives and meshes to provide support and extra protection. The house becomes better protected from the weather and, with the stucco finish, has an amazingly beautiful look as well.

In the past, EIFS-covered homes may be affected by water and suffer rot damage. But new advances, such as a water-drainage system placed under the foam insulation, have made Exterior Insulation Finish Systems even better for the exterior of a home. In fact, the water damage that was reported 30 years ago wasn’t a result of the system, but leaky windows and poor construction.

So if you’re looking for a stucco application that will protect your home, provide an insulated barrier against the cold winters, and make your home look amazing with your choice of stucco colours and designs, a Stucco Exterior Insulation Finish System could be your best choice. The expertise that Choice Stucco brings will make your home look amazing.

Bill Caros has over 30 years experience in the stucco industry. As the owner of Choice Stucco Ltd, Bill provides quality stucco application and stucco repair to all of Vancouver Lower Mainland.


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