What Is Base-Coat Stucco?

by Bill Caros September 27th, 2020 in Commercial Stucco
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Stucco is a wonderful choice for exterior siding; it’s practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. But what is this wonder-wall material, and what exactly is meant by “base coat stucco?”

In order to understand what the base coat is, it’s important to have an understanding of what stucco is and how it’s applied.

What’s It Made Of?

Stucco is a usually a mix of portland cement, sand, water, and sometimes lime or other proprietary ingredients.

What Does It Do?

Stucco acts as a strong, cost-effective, low-maintenance, barrier for the building envelope. Stucco is a surprisingly breathable material which, if installed properly, will keep the building sheath from being exposed to lingering water. It’s also fire-resistant.

How Is It Applied?

The traditional application involves a “three coat” method, which is actually three steps plus the finish coat. This involves applying a lath (a grid of chicken wire) to the building envelope so that the subsequent coat can hold onto it. Next a “scratch coat” is applied with horizontal ribs raked into the surface, again so the next coat can grip onto it.

Finally the “brown coat” is applied, and after that, the finish coat. A newer “one-coat” (plus finish) method has also gained in popularity. This approach combines the scratch and brown coats into one application, and does away with the lath in favour of direct application to board, followed by a finish coat.

And Base Coat Stucco?

Because of its colour and composition, base coat stucco is intended for the scratch coat and the brown coat, but not necessarily for the final, finish coat. Brands vary, but it may also be suitable for repairs.

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