Why Do You Need a Custom Chimney Cap?

May 30th, 2021 in Residential Stucco

A chimney cap serves several purposes which we will outline for you here, and all of them are important. In basic terms, the chimney cap keeps some things out of your chimney and some things in your chimney. The benefit of having a custom chimney cap is that all of the chimney cap’s roles are performed better with a custom chimney cap because the cap will fit perfectly. If your chimney cap does not fit exactly, then the cap will not be performing its job the way it is supposed to.


First on the list, the chimney cap keeps water including snow and ice from entering the chimney. Water not only makes a mess in your fireplace, but it can also damage your chimney and create a safety hazard.


Next on the list is critters. A perfectly fitting chimney cap, complete with a screen, will keep all kinds of critters out of your chimney including birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and bugs. Anything in the chimney flue that does not belong is safety, fire, and smoke hazard. Plus it’s deadly for the animal. And if you have an animal in your chimney, then next you will have the animal in your house.


When you have a fire in the fireplace, the smoke goes up the chimney, but so do sparks and embers. The chimney cap prevents the sparks and embers for leaving the chimney and falling on the roof. This is a major fire hazard and why chimneys are always inspected as part of home or construction inspection.


A custom chimney cap will look better. Because the custom cap will fit exactly and be chosen to compliment the design of the home, the custom cap always looks better in addition to functioning better than an off-the-shelf chimney cap.

In our opinion, a custom chimney cap is the right choice for every chimney.

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