Stucco for Commercial Buildings

Commercial building with stucco application

Choice Stucco is experienced with buildings of all sizes. Business owners have grown to trust us throughout the years to provide great service and quality workmanship.

The Benefits of Stucco for Commercial Application

Stucco is used in a huge variety of applications for both residential and commercial projects in Vancouver. It can be used to finish a "stone" wall or it can be used as an exterior finish on buildings. There are many benefits to using stucco for commercial buildings, and most of them come back to the convenience, versatility, and reasonable pricing of stucco. No matter what you are hoping to accomplish, you can probably create the look with a stucco commercial application.


The primary benefit is the wide range of options, both in colours and textures, available in stucco. You can select a colour that helps your business to stand out, or you can select something that is a subtle nod to your logo colours. You can also decide on a texture that will make your commercial building really look finished with character.


Stucco is convenient for commercial applications in Vancouver because it is durable and easy to repair and maintain. The initial work is relatively quick, so you won't experience a lot of down time while you finish the exterior of the building. And when you do need repairs or if you want a fresh colour, the update will not be outrageously expensive. You won't have to replace everything just because of a patch that was damaged or stained.

Great Prices

Stucco can give you a great look, improves the insulation of the building, and is flexible when it's time for a new look - all at an affordable price. Other options may be cheaper up front, but typically they'll cost a lot in the long run for repair or maintenance. Even some of the more expensive options end up costing you in the long run.

Stucco is perfect for commercial applications because it can be customized, is easily repaired, and gives a lasting, professional appearance to your Vancouver building's exterior.

Trust Choice Stucco with your Vancouver Commercial Stucco application.

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