Residential Stucco Applications

Choice Stucco supplies and installs stucco all over the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area in residential applications on single-family homes.

Stucco is typically an exterior finish. We apply it to brand-new homes, older homes that need a new exterior finish, and we also repair old stucco, such as on heritage homes.

choicestuccojobs043.jpgBenefits of Stucco for Home Exteriors

Stucco can be any color, and it can also be painted, after the fact. It’s an excellent cost-effective exterior solution that offers both fire-resistant and insulative qualities, and it’s extremely durable with a longer service life than many other exterior finishes.

Whatever the type of style or design you wish to achieve with your home, stucco can work for you. It can look traditional, contemporary, and everything in between. Stucco offers an upscale, polished, and elegant look.

Another advantage of stucco is that it is extremely low maintenance. Because it has so many advantages, a stucco exterior can actually add value to your home.

Choice Stucco can apply stucco even in the winter, and stucco performs admirably in the cold as well. Stucco is also fast to install, which is part of why it’s economical.

There’s a reason why stucco has been used effectively for thousands of years. It wears well, it’s very durable, and it’s easy to live with.

If you have any questions about how it is to live with stucco, definitely contact us, and we would be happy to talk to you about stucco for your home on the Lower Mainland.