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Stucco is a product that has been used in one version or another since ancient times. Sometimes stucco is referred to as plaster when used on interior surfaces, but stucco and plaster may also be the same thing.

At Choice Stucco we work on projects that are either residential or commercial. Commercial may mean multi-family structures such as condos or it could mean office buildings.

Here, below, are some brief explanations of residential, condo, and commercial stucco applications. You will find links to pages that have more detailed information.


Residential Stucco Application

Residential stucco implies the use of stucco for the exterior on single-family homes. Stucco is an excellent, long-lasting, cost-effective product that can be used to finish or refinish exterior surfaces. Stucco can also be used inside, although the preparation is somewhat different. Stucco can be prepared in an unlimited variety of colors and a multitude of textures to suit any kind of design. We also repair stucco that was previously installed.

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Condo Stucco Application

Condo stucco is our use of stucco as the exterior finish on multi-family condo buildings. We can finish a new building with stucco or repair the stucco on an old building. Stucco is always a smart, economical, and durable choice.

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Commercial Stucco Application

Commercial stucco applications are where we use stucco on commercial buildings such as an office building or medical center. We can apply stucco as the first finish on a new building or stucco can be used to redo a previous finish, and we also can repair older stucco on a heritage building, for example. Stucco also has applications for the inside of buildings.

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Custom Metalwork

Choice Stucco offers custom metalwork for recent stucco projects and locations who have pre-existing stucco installations. Our custom metalwork includes window and door trim, soffits, and chimney flashings.

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Stucco is great choice for many reasons, but versatility is definitely one of them. Because of the wide choice of textural finishes, stucco can give you any “look” you want, from old-school European to modern, clean, and chic. Stucco is fire retardant, a good insulator, and has a very long service life, certainly longer than wood or vinyl siding.

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