Commercial Stucco With Choice Stucco

Stucco is always an excellent choice for commercial applications. Stucco has insulative properties and is very fire resistant, which makes it a front runner for commercial buildings. It’s also easy to repaint a different colour if a design change is desired.

cactusclub.jpgBenefits of Stucco for Commercial Properties

One of the biggest advantages of using stucco for an exterior finish is its very long service life with very low maintenance required. Properly applied, stucco can last more than 50 years, and that’s why there are examples of stucco finishes since ancient times.

Choice Stucco has been working with designers, architects, and contractors for over 30 years on the Lower Mainland and throughout the Greater Vancouver area, supplying, installing, and repairing stucco. We are available not just to apply new stucco to a new building but also to redo other exterior finishes and revamp or repair old stucco that needs a facelift.

Because stucco requires little maintenance and helps to insulate a building, fixed energy costs can be reduced on commercial buildings by using stucco as your exterior finish.

Another distinct advantage of stucco is that it is versatile. There are many different textures for different looks and styles and an unlimited array of colours available. This means that stucco can look conservative, contemporary, or anything in between. Stucco lends itself to whatever style period you want to achieve with your building exterior.

Please feel free to contact Choice Stucco if you would like to talk about your upcoming commercial project, and you would like to know more about how stucco might be the best, most economical answer for your building’s exterior.

Choice Stucco is very experienced at completing projects on time and on budget: projects that look classy with a stucco finish.