Condo Stucco With Choice Stucco

When we say “Condo Stucco” we mean stucco for multi-family structures. Stucco is an excellent solution for an exterior finish for condos and other multi-family buildings. We are very experienced working with both architects and designers to achieve the exact look that is desired for an exterior stucco finish through custom colors and textures.

choicestuccojobs046.jpgBenefits of Stucco for Condo Buildings

Stucco is very cost-effective for builders because it is fast to apply, and the finish is extremely durable. After a number of years, stucco can be painted a different colour to give a building a completely new look. Choice Stucco is also able to apply your stucco in the winter.

The advantages of stucco include its fire resistance. Stucco is very fire resistant because it’s made with Portland cement, which is primarily limestone, and sand. Stucco is one of the most fire-resistant building materials.

Another great advantage of stucco is its service life. You can expect a stucco exterior finish to last over 50 years with almost zero maintenance required. You can clean stucco with a pressure washer.

Because stucco acts a great insulator, using stucco on a multi-family property can actually cut down on fixed energy costs for heating and cooling. That’s one reason for its popularity with commercial properties. And since stucco offers such an elegant finish, the use of it can improve property value—a real plus for commercial property owners.

If you own or manage a multi-family condo property and would like to use stucco as your exterior finish, get in touch with us  and let us help you in Greater Vancouver and on the Lower Mainland. Our 30 years of experience and workmanship integrity will ensure that you have a seamless experience, on time and on budget.