Choice Stucco Custom Metalwork

Choice stucco offers custom metalwork for things like window and door trim, soffits, and chimney flashings. We often do this custom metalwork for projects when we have recently applied stucco. However, we can also furnish and install this type of metal trim even on homes and buildings when the stucco is pre-existing.

3web.jpgMetal Trim and Flashings

Metal trim and flashings has many advantages. It looks great, it’s extremely durable, and it’s almost 100 percent recyclable as well.

Remember, the trim and flashings not only serve a cosmetic purpose, making your building look finished, but they also protect the building envelope and prevent leaks. The trim and flashings are an important safeguard for keeping water out.

Metal cladding, flashing, and trim can be fitted around any shaped openings. There are different colours available to suit any design scheme. Installed properly this trim will shed water away from the building, and it looks great in the process.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is particularly important because if not done properly, it is prone to leaks. A chimney is technically its own structure and not tied to the house. A custom chimney cap can be outfitted at the same time. Appropriate chimney flashing and caps are needed to ensure that the chimney works properly and keeps critters out of your building.

This type of custom metalwork does not require continuous upkeep like wood trim does. And metalwork is a great addition to stucco, giving you a polished and elegant finish.

We are your Lower Mainland, Vancouver Area stucco specialists. Contact us if we can help you with your metalwork trim and flashing needs.